Express makeup lesson

HOW IMPORTANT IS THE TIME FOR YOURSELF, if you are a mom, taking care of children, doing housework or working long hours?! How important is to "charge your battery" and fulfill your own needs?! Extremely important! Happy and rested mom/woman = happy family/life! After this course you will be able to do natural and light day makeup just in 10 minutes using only few products.


• Use the same makeup products in different ways;

• Simplification of makeup routine;

• Makeup colors selection;

• Mineral cosmetics; 

• Quick natural day makeup steps.

Duration: 2-3 hours.

The class consists of 1 hour introductory theory, 0.5 hour makeup demonstration and 1.5 hours practice. 


4 places available in a group.  

Products and tools:

Professional makeup products are included for practicing, but highly recommend to take your own products too, so I can give you some advice how to use it. Please only take your own brushes and notebook (in case you don't have brushes please let me know in advance).


Price: 1000 CZK*


*500 CZK deposit is required to secure the place.