Online Face and Color analysis

Why do I look so great in blue, but not in orange? What colors suits me best? How should I do my day and evening makeup?

Detailed face and makeup color analysis answer all those and other questions!

Analysis Description:

Personal description and recommendations based on professional face analysis and your needs. You will know your skin tone, undertone, color palette, face & eye shapes (tips how to contour your face according to it), how to choose the right makeup products and other professional tips for your makeup. Despite focusing on makeup, your personalized color palette can also help you renewing and organizing your wardrobe.



Detailed Face and Personal Color Analysis

(online consultation):    

Written ~10-13 PDF pages analysis +

 video demonstration + 

detailed answers to 3 personal  questions 

(color palette summary included).   

Detailed Personal Color Analysis:    

Written ~8-10 PDF pages file  

(color palette summary included).   

Personal Color Palette Summary:  

~1 PDF page file  

(personal color palette for outfits and

makeup & most suitable colors for  

separate makeup products).


 Price: 500 CZK  / 20 €  

 Price: 1600 CZK / 65 €  

 Price: 1200 CZK / 50 €    

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