Teens makeup models

Teens makeup lesson

There comes a time when for girls it is no longer enough to flip through fashion magazines and watch their mother or older sister doing makeup. Sooner or later they start doing it too. When you start experimenting with cosmetics, many questions arise: how to choose the right products, that would suit not only my budget, but my skin too; what colors suit me best; how to highlight facial features?... Teen makeup course is suitable for girls, who want to learn, how to apply makeup and look great with appropriate makeup for her age.


Common teens' makeup mistakes - too much makeup, wrong colors, makeup is too visible and makes them older. The most important thing a teenager needs to understand - beauty is not chasing of the latest trends, layers of makeup on the face or efforts to be like social media stars. Every woman is beautiful and, moreover, she is beautiful in every age!


• The concept of healthy beauty;

• The importance of self-acceptance and self-confidence;

• The influence of colors for your appearance and well-being;

• Differences in cosmetics for young girls and cosmetics for your mother; 

• Safe and non-harmful mineral products;

• Makeup application step by step to achieve a natural, flawless and radiant look, instead of hiding the face under layers of makeup;

• Skin preparation for make-up and cleansing afterwards;

• Smoothing out the skin tone, subtle ways of covering any skin issues;

• Gentle highlighting of facial features.

Duration: 3 hours.

The class consists of 1 hour introductory theory, 0.5 hour makeup demonstration and 1.5 hour practice.

5 places available in a group.  

Products and tools: professional makeup products are included for practicing, but highly recommend to take your own products (if you have) too, so I can give some advice how to use it. 


Price: 1000 CZK*


*300 CZK deposit is required to secure the place.