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My passion travels along with me, no matter where I live. I had a pleasure to work with different people in 4 different countries - my home country Lithuania, sunny Tenerife, rainy and green Ireland and finally here - in romantic Prague city. 


The moment, when a woman looks in the mirror, is magical. I see changes: her posture straightens, her chin rises higher. She is not in a rush anymore, she enjoys  the present moment. And looking at the mirror she remembers the truth - she is BEAUTIFUL! 

 I see the beauty far greater than just a makeup: the beauty of happiness, the beauty of self-confidence and the beauty of self-love...


Makeup is my art, my canvas is a face (or a body),

my inspiration is every human being I meet

and my creative purpose is the harmony

of inner and outer beauty. I always want

the makeup to match your inner self,

so I create makeup looks, according to

your nature, style and character.

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