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Color Theory in Makeup. Online.
Find out your most flattering shades!


Having no idea which makeup colors suits you best? 

Let's talk about color theory and its impact in makeup! You will learn how to choose the right foundation, lipstick, blush, eyeshadow colors, what makeup finishes suits you best and much more!

After integrating color theory in makeup:

- you will learn to shorten your make-up routine;
- save time when choosing decorative cosmetics and avoid mistakes;
- you will no longer follow the ever-changing trends.

The information is suitable for women of any age.

After the payment, you will receive the link to the record of Online workshop. If you will have any questions after this seminar, you can receive your answers by email. Don't hesitate to ask! That should be a practical tool, every gap should be filled! 

Price: 399 czk/15 €.

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