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 Professional makeup artist in Prague 

Welcome! I'm glad to have you here!

Here you can find information about my professional makeup services: from bridal / wedding makeup to beauty and creative makeup for photo/video-shootings. I am also doing private & group beginner and advanced makeup courses in Prague, as well as online personal face and color analysis, which helps too reveal your personal color palette and much more. 

The wedding day begins with the feast in your heart. It is one of the most memorable day in life, when all the glances are directed to you. You are the queen of this day. An integral part of the bride's beauty accessory is bridal makeup. It is one of the most luxurious and sophisticated makeup that needs to be done very precisely. It delicately emphasizes your natural beauty. 

Before the wedding, we meet with the bride for a consultation and trial makeup. For the bride's and guests comfort, on the wedding day, I arrive at the preparation venue.

Duration: Bridal makeup 60-90 min., every extra makeup 60 min.

Prices: from 1500 CZK 

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Express makeup

This light makeup is especially appealing to those who are in a hurry. Lunch break? Meeting after work, dating?  Don't worry, we will instantly refresh your skin, give glow to your eyes and lips! 

Duration: 30-40 min.

Day makeup:

A light day makeup, which will highlight your natural beauty. We will delicately elevate your eyes and lips and give some glow to your skin.

Duration: 50-60 min.

Occasional makeup: 

Would you like to become a true Hollywood star? An occasional makeup will make you a real celebrity! For this makeup, if preferred, we use "highlighting and contouring" techniques. Perfect skin, eyes and lips!
Duration: 60-90 min.


Photo/Video makeup:

Are you preparing for photo-shoot/filming? Photo/video makeup has a special specifics. In order to look perfect on a photo or TV screen, you need a special makeup, properly prepared skin, highlighted facial features, hided imperfections.

Duration: 60-90 min.

Prices: from 900 CZK 

It is a kind of makeup that is intended only for special occasions such as thematic parties, carnivals, plays, creative performances, creative photo-shoots, etc. In order to create an unusual image, decorative cosmetics is not enough. Various materials and face decorations are being used here, such as glitter, precious stones, feathers, expressive eyelashes, body paints and others. It's an amazingly creative process, which gives birth to a new, unique, creative expression on a wonderful canvas - the face or the body.

Duration: 60-90 min.

Prices: from 1000 CZK