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Finding the right makeup products for your skin and color type is time consuming. It requires certain knowledge and testing. Without it you can end up buying something, what doesn't suit you at all.

Makeup and Color Analysis knowledge helps me to select the right makeup products and flattering shades to suit your individuality and uniqueness. 

Get your personal Beauty Box in the comfort of your own home!

Beauty Box

*standard kit includes: facial serum + foundation + concealer + powder + contour palette or a blush + lipstick. Price: 2100-2500 CZK.

**other variations: smaller or bigger sets available, in order to meet your needs.

***eyeshadows/eye pencil/eyeliner/mascara, etc. is also available if required.

How does it work?

1. Fill the questionnaire

Fill the questionnaire and answer the questions, which helps to evaluate your makeup routine and needs.

3. Check out the content of your Box 

You will be introduced with cosmetics, selected for you in advance.

2. Photo

Send a good quality photo of you in a daylight, which helps to evaluate your color type.

4. Get Your Box 

You will receive Personalized Beauty Box in the comfort of your own home.

Fill the Contact form and receive the questionnaire by email

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