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Private makeup lesson

Private lesson is designed to focus on the personal needs of the person.

The lesson will teach how to highlight personal face features, how to choose makeup products, color shades and everything you need to know, in order to get the best makeup look.

Program (depending on the needs):

• Makeup products, tools and their care;

• Skin type, skin care & skin preparation for makeup;

• Makeup application steps, according to your skin type and face features;

• Eyes shape and modeling, shading technique;

• Makeup colors' selection;

• Personal makeup basket review.


Express makeup - 1500 CZK*

Day makeup - 2200 CZK* 

Evening makeup - 2500CZK*

Day makeup + quick transformation to evening makeup - 3500 CZK*


1-1.5 hours - express makeup

2-2.5 hour - day makeup

3 hours - evening makeup

3-4 hours - day makeup + quick transformation to evening makeup

The lesson consists of introductory theory, makeup application demo and practice. 

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