Evening makeup lesson

This makeup lesson is designed for those who want to do evening makeup themselves. Makeup course focuses on personal features and introduces all basic makeup rules that fits your face features and look professional for the best evening makeup look.


• Professional makeup products, brushes and their care;

• Skin types, care and preparation for makeup;

• Face morphology, face modeling and face shape correction;

• Eyebrow shapes and correction;

• Eyes shape and modeling, shading technique;

• Makeup coloring: color selection and matching;

• Evening/Occasional makeup.

Duration: 5-6 hours.

The class is consists of 1 hour introductory theory, 1 hour makeup demonstration and 3 hours practice.

Products and tools:

All professional makeup tools for learning are provided free of charge, but I highly recommend to take your own makeup products, so I can give you some advice. Please only take your own brushes and notebook (in case you don't have brushes please let me know in advance).


Full lesson (4 -4.5 hours) - 1700 CZK*

Theory & demo only (2-2.5 hours) - 850 CZK*

*500 CZK deposit is required to secure the place.

3 places available for a full lesson.

Extra 2 places available for a theory & demonstration.